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Tight Lines Design, Raleigh

David Mauer’s design firm Tight Lines Design is very inspiring. Listening to him describe the transformation in the Cooke Street neighborhood and the positive energy that is creating real
community in the area was inspirational. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere, right? The ingredients for the transformation included a shared greenway, front porches, differing designs and finishes and a back yard space that is open instead of sectioned off and fenced. The “eyes on the street” model helps keep suspicious activity to a minimus and the neighbors are
looking out for one another instead of looking the other way. They are invested in keeping the neighborhood safe, and continually weaving the connections to a stronger community.

Thank You David!


Parklet Presentations

Final Presentations for our parklet designs were presented this morning to representatives from Scuppernong Books, Triad Stage, Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, the City of Greensboro and UNCG Public Relations. A few professors also stopped by to listen to our presentations. Overall, I feel like we did a very nice job with our projects and were ready to show our designs after the very long winter storm break. I always feel like there are a few more iterations needed. Feedback from our guests was very positive and they asked a lot of great questions about how construction may occur with the materials we used. Presentation skills for me are an area where I need a lot more practice. I have the speaking center phone number on my desk and it is time to go see them! I want to be a strong presenter and not get so bothered by the presentations that my work is not presented fully. Others in my area feel the same way. We also decided that two weeks prior to the next presentation we would meet to practice our presentations and see what we might improve. I really feel like I learned a lot doing this project in a real world sense. I have a lot to learn! I think everyone loved this project. On to Gastonia! Sorry you weren’t here Jo! IMG_20150303_094555 IMG_20150303_094606 IMG_20150303_094542 IMG_20150303_112633 IMG_20150303_112554 IMG_20150303_112604 IMG_20150303_094550

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Branding in Studio

Learning to brand myself is interesting. I am creating self marketing materials for Pro-Practice and can see that with our projects this semester it is definitely time to think of myself as junior designer and show up prepared as such. I am very excited about the parklet project! I am learning so much from studio.

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First Design Critique for Parklets

Great morning of practice presenting our ideas…need to work on that and practice my key points as I refine my design. My concept is the Nautilus shell and the Golden Sprial aka Fibonacci Number aka the Golden Ratio. I presented my first sketches and created some views for the presentation but they need much more refinement. I enjoy what Revit can do and I am capable of using it but at times my ideas are not
getting to the place in Revit where I feel it is representing my idea fully. Easier to draw. I need to learn how to model components in Revit very fluidly. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Steve from Scuppernong Books came and listened to our pitches for the parklet and offered valid concerns regarding acrylic use, plants and other uses of the space. I thought he really enjoyed what we had created for him. I want to push my design further and offer a few versions and get them into Revit, with perspectives, elevations and cross sections. Gathering material samples will be helpful. Construction documents will help this come together. Work harder, work smarter! I chatted with Stoel today about some ideas I have to further my design and support my vision. I feel very good about where I am headed.

I saw some awesome projects today!

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The semester is almost over… and spring is on the way

Actually, Christmas is on the way. New house, new life, new everything. I am so lucky and when I look back over the semester it is a wonder I am even in school. I will work smarter and harder next semester.
Looking forward to Jo Limenstoll’s studio, Think Tank, CC-ED, Undergrad Research Assistant for Dr. Laura Cole, and multiple projects…especially Glenwood Grove! Awesome opportunities. Grateful.

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EELC Presentations

This semester has been great as I was a PAL peer academic leader and a teaching assistant for Travis in our Emerging Energy Learning Community. The students were amazing and so enthusiastic. I wish I could make things happen faster just to keep you inspired. Change is chipping away at an issue until there is no logical argument against what you propose. Never give up. Never ever give up. Persistence Pays!
From Proximity Hotel sophistication to the Earthaven Eco Village we have had a nice journey this semester. I wish you all well and hope to see you around campus next semester!

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Fourth Year Brew Pub Presentations


As I watched the fourth year students sell their design proposals I was impressed at the level of skill they were showing and how they were sharing their ideas and struggles with us as we meandered from poster to poster. The redesign of the Revolution Mills building into a brew pub was a great project that allowed each student to cast their own ideas into the lab made up of computer programs, drawings, hand renderings, furniture and finishes as well as lighting and other features made the projects come to life. Seeing the similarities and differences in the work taught me a lot today. I need to work a lot harder and a lot smarter. Over this semester life happened and it really put me behind in my work. Unavoidable, but so disruptive. Seeing the work today inspired me to challenge myself to design a brew pub from the ground up and see how far I get. I love the design work and seeing it come together will be a lot of fun. Today I made my levels, grid and walls. Tomorrow I plan to do a bit more and see where it goes. Seeing the level of work I need to have in my portfolio means this winter break will be spent doing good work. Torrey’s beer bottles with the labels were a great touch and the materials boards made the renderings come to life. Natalie’s renderings were fabulous and Shelley and Joy had top notch presentations. Glad I could attend the upper level presentations. I always learn new things!

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