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Metal Sculpture Critique, Thursday, December 4th

Thursday will be critique day in Metal Sculpture class. I now love the plasma cutter, the anvil and hammer. I have worked with metal this semester with some success, some failure, some fear and now I feel like I can actually make some cool stuff. Metal is heavy, cold, hard and abundant. DH Griffin kindly allowed us to scavenge their hills of metal to look for possible additions to our collections of things we don’t really know what to do with. But it has potential… The sea, the Japanese paintings again, the crashing waves, the support and seemingly impossible curve suspended by its own weight. Two paint colors. The Snail came into being through the plasma cutter and the hammered hanging on is a great balanced piece in hammered steel. Love my teachers Jon and Nam. Patient and not full of crap. Some people never tell you what you did was junk. Do better. Work harder. Thanks.

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Test for blog videos for EELC

And now we know…to get a large size file like a video to load onto your blog first save it to Google Drive and then you can share the link to the video. You can also share with individuals.

Thanks for your patience EELC…


Deborah Butterfield: Horses

The Weatherspoon Art Gallery at UNC-G has a sculpture garden with a Deborah Butterfield horse sculpture. I have seen some of her driftwood horse sculptures and thought she captured the essence of the horse in a quite way. A video of her discussing her exhibit : Deborah Butterfield Installation Walk-throughbutterfield-with-hockneys