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NEXT Design Competition and I am exhausted…

floor two Model 4 lighting 334 1st Floor Light Map sound_map_allie_morgan

Not an easy task to take on designing the NEXT University.  You have to think of every possible detail and get the app for your mind to see in 3D walking through your design with and without REVIT.  Thinking of the users in the space and the experiences they would have is so interesting.  We create paths and areas of interest for the time spent in the built environment and it is serious business.  I have heard that people spend more time in their place of employment than they do at home by a wide margin so the buildings and spaces we occupy are very important to our overall quality of life.  I am trying to experience my own design as I take my day into the virtual world and experience the space and interactions within the space.  We have a great task ahead of us.  Trying to work as hard as I can and get some sleep.  Looks like bedtime again.  I need more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night…for sure!

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Daylight filled home in Japan A-One-of-a-Kind-Modern-Mansion-Daylight-House-in-Yokohama-by-Takeshi-Hosaka-Homesthetics-20

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Boxes, DC Motors ….ZIMOUN


Watching these mechanical creations, I was surprised to see natural rhythms forming. The installation’s simplicity and repetition are mesmerizing which is confusing because it is only a box, a motor and a ball on the end of a wire. Sounds like rain.

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The Power of Optics!


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Test for blog videos for EELC

And now we know…to get a large size file like a video to load onto your blog first save it to Google Drive and then you can share the link to the video. You can also share with individuals.

Thanks for your patience EELC…


UNCG Lighting Images

Weatherspoon 3

A_0908_ATN_AycockAuditorium elevation


gatewood gallery




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Light Inspiration Images

barracuda Urban Dreams brooklyn-bridge Coral Garden girl-golden-hour hot-air-balloons-sunrise iceland-church inspirationlight light2 sunlit-rome-wall swimming-underwater

The language of Light informs our every movement and decision. I have taken this for granted and assumed that the light in my experiences was beautiful but of little consequence. Lately in my exploration of light for my Next Design Competition for Steelcase it seems that the light shines through the architecture and the spaces creating an inspiring space or a boring, non-productive cell which numbs the senses and turns learning into an impossible feat. Nature gives us every clue as to how to create an exciting space through lighting and to include a bit of the natural light inspiration in my project is the goal.