Loray Mills Plan Review with David Mauer and Tom Berry

13 Apr

Lucky Us! David Mauer of Tight Lines Design and Tom Berry from the School of Design at NC State joined us to share their insights on the foundations of our plans for the Loray Mill Village Houses. We broke into groups by house type and each presented our ideas, narratives, materials and challenges. Their responses were measured and thoughtful. I was losing sight of the purpose of moving into a smaller home and had extended the walls to provide more space. The beauty of designing within the perimeter of the original footprint of the house made it seem more honest in how I would approach the creation of spaces for my clients. These are not luxurious, sprawling McMansions but a strong little village that housed strong folks a long time ago. I feel a need to keep that purity in some way. Colors in cream, gray and light tans along with worn metal finishes and cozy elements like a strong leather chair seems right to me. Not too much.

I really hope that our guests can return for our final presentation. I appreciate the time they took to share their thoughts and will think about what they shared to see how my design changes will be incorporated into the final design.

DesktopAndy Rose Kitchen missionvt

DesktopAndy Rose Kitchen missionvt

DesktopAndy Rose Kitchenvt

Bladen’sliving room

Andy & Rose Planrvt

Bladen’sliving room

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