First Design Critique for Parklets

03 Feb

Great morning of practice presenting our ideas…need to work on that and practice my key points as I refine my design. My concept is the Nautilus shell and the Golden Sprial aka Fibonacci Number aka the Golden Ratio. I presented my first sketches and created some views for the presentation but they need much more refinement. I enjoy what Revit can do and I am capable of using it but at times my ideas are not
getting to the place in Revit where I feel it is representing my idea fully. Easier to draw. I need to learn how to model components in Revit very fluidly. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Steve from Scuppernong Books came and listened to our pitches for the parklet and offered valid concerns regarding acrylic use, plants and other uses of the space. I thought he really enjoyed what we had created for him. I want to push my design further and offer a few versions and get them into Revit, with perspectives, elevations and cross sections. Gathering material samples will be helpful. Construction documents will help this come together. Work harder, work smarter! I chatted with Stoel today about some ideas I have to further my design and support my vision. I feel very good about where I am headed.

I saw some awesome projects today!

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