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Process + Models

model foam 3 model foam 2 model foamAs I skid into third base with ideas dropping and crystallizing it seems to me that I love the design process. It is frustrating, exciting and in the end gratifying. My design may not be chosen as the one that will be built but liking what I made is important to me. The final stages are pretty full at the moment. I have been modeling, sketching and figuring out what is needed, what is fluff, what is junk and remembering the user experience. Many users, many experiences. I have to have an approachable, adaptable space to make this a viable design. Sustainable, modular, interesting and oh yes, it has to look great! So…here are the sketches and process models I have been working on with another flurry of activity this weekend. The finishes may need to be tweaked a bit and the model will need a few iterations but I like where I am heading. A family experience for a young professional couple with two children, ages 5 and 7. Their experience in the parklet and at Scuppernong Books will hopefully make them want to return soon.

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Desk Critiques

Our desk critiques have been especially helpful to my process.  Seeing my design through the reactions and questions is allowing me to tweak forms and making my design more cohesive.  The restraints of the project have forced me to define only the necessary areas and objects.  Some are only implied, but through the design.  Incorporating my design narrative and reformulating it to fit with my true end user is valuable for my presentation.  Cat French is a great teaching assistant.  She validated some of my process that I thought was a flaw, but it is just part of the design process for her as well.  I feel that my model and presentation will convey my vision for the Scuppernong Books Parklet.  Hope they like it!

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Process / Idea Updates for Studio

Sketches…tons of sketches.  For me it is just faster to draw out my ideas and the Revit model takes time to do what a pen can do in a flash.  Revit is awesome, but I need my ideas more solid before I model or I lose a lot of details.  I have been to the moon and back in the range of direction for the design, which is typical for me.  I really enjoyed making a very fun and interactive space with a whole nautical adventure theme but it was geared heavily toward children.  I suppose since I taught my children to read while we were homeschooling I love to see that fire lit in kids that enjoy books.

You can go anywhere in a book.  My concept of the Nautilus and Fibonacci Golden Spiral inspired my design being very organic in form with one piece flowing into the other.  Community minded in the sense that the parklet space would be used by a wide range of ages and for multiple purposes, I designed with that adaptability in mind.  The pieces are modular but can be bolted down under a kickplate to hide the attachment area so a tripping hazard would be avoided.  The flooring would be constructed of Bison Screwjack pedestals and the Wooden Tiles.  These can be used again in another parklet and are completely adjustable.  IMG_20150213_165235   nautilus shellSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

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Branding in Studio

Learning to brand myself is interesting. I am creating self marketing materials for Pro-Practice and can see that with our projects this semester it is definitely time to think of myself as junior designer and show up prepared as such. I am very excited about the parklet project! I am learning so much from studio.

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First Design Critique for Parklets

Great morning of practice presenting our ideas…need to work on that and practice my key points as I refine my design. My concept is the Nautilus shell and the Golden Sprial aka Fibonacci Number aka the Golden Ratio. I presented my first sketches and created some views for the presentation but they need much more refinement. I enjoy what Revit can do and I am capable of using it but at times my ideas are not
getting to the place in Revit where I feel it is representing my idea fully. Easier to draw. I need to learn how to model components in Revit very fluidly. Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Steve from Scuppernong Books came and listened to our pitches for the parklet and offered valid concerns regarding acrylic use, plants and other uses of the space. I thought he really enjoyed what we had created for him. I want to push my design further and offer a few versions and get them into Revit, with perspectives, elevations and cross sections. Gathering material samples will be helpful. Construction documents will help this come together. Work harder, work smarter! I chatted with Stoel today about some ideas I have to further my design and support my vision. I feel very good about where I am headed.

I saw some awesome projects today!

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