Bates Masi Architects, New York…LOVE

30 Oct

1046w__elizabeth_i1 1046w__farpond_i1a 1046w__genius-i1 1046w__mothersill_i1 1046w__northwest_peach_farm-i1 1046w__northwestharbor_i1 1046w__noyack_creek_i10_new 1046w__piersonsway_i1 1046w__pryor-i12 1046w__re-cover-i1 1046w__robins_way-i1 1046w__sams_creek2sm_i1 1046w__semler_i1 1046w__tessa_nyc_1Bates Masi Architects are almost perfect…well okay, perfect.  If I was an architect at some point in my life I would want to be very influenced by what I see on their website.  Clean, modern, uncluttered….great.  But these are huge houses!  My goal would be to take some of the design components and modify them to the scale of a much smaller home and therefore footprint.  We have to share resources on the Earth even if we can afford to take more.  Great design in a sustainable model would be very appealing.

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