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NEXT Design Competition and I am exhausted…

floor two Model 4 lighting 334 1st Floor Light Map sound_map_allie_morgan

Not an easy task to take on designing the NEXT University.  You have to think of every possible detail and get the app for your mind to see in 3D walking through your design with and without REVIT.  Thinking of the users in the space and the experiences they would have is so interesting.  We create paths and areas of interest for the time spent in the built environment and it is serious business.  I have heard that people spend more time in their place of employment than they do at home by a wide margin so the buildings and spaces we occupy are very important to our overall quality of life.  I am trying to experience my own design as I take my day into the virtual world and experience the space and interactions within the space.  We have a great task ahead of us.  Trying to work as hard as I can and get some sleep.  Looks like bedtime again.  I need more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night…for sure!

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My Sustainability Blog…on the EELC banner

For the past couple of years I have been involved with the Emerging Energy Learning Community here at UNC-G and my hopes for a sustainable minded student base have grown quite a bit in that time.  Our major (IARc) can be very wasteful in the way we prototype and create multiple models for our design process but I see more concern for the environment and sustainable living.  I hope it really catches on as a teaching model or positive practice in all disciplines on campus.

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Bates Masi Architects, New York…LOVE

1046w__elizabeth_i1 1046w__farpond_i1a 1046w__genius-i1 1046w__mothersill_i1 1046w__northwest_peach_farm-i1 1046w__northwestharbor_i1 1046w__noyack_creek_i10_new 1046w__piersonsway_i1 1046w__pryor-i12 1046w__re-cover-i1 1046w__robins_way-i1 1046w__sams_creek2sm_i1 1046w__semler_i1 1046w__tessa_nyc_1Bates Masi Architects are almost perfect…well okay, perfect.  If I was an architect at some point in my life I would want to be very influenced by what I see on their website.  Clean, modern, uncluttered….great.  But these are huge houses!  My goal would be to take some of the design components and modify them to the scale of a much smaller home and therefore footprint.  We have to share resources on the Earth even if we can afford to take more.  Great design in a sustainable model would be very appealing.

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Spring Semester 2014 ~ BEST EVER

Playing, Making, Designing

What more could I ask for this spring?

Retrospect…more,,,much more….

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