Wassilly Kandinsky

15 Sep


Tempted I am…I love Kandinsky and this painting, Composition VIII, 1923. Tempted to take my concept ideation further and actually abandon my first concept which is (was) HIVE. The concept is overdone already in our small class so I may branch out into the world of Kandinsky and pull inspiration and organization for the NEXT University Design Competition from Wassilly Kandinsky’s painting, Compostion VIII. The harmony of the lines and the volume of the color speak to a few of the interests I have in expressing in my design concept for the university. The bright colors, the exactness of the forms and the arrangement all lead you to the conclusion that the randomness of the forms is actually connected and purposeful as the best ideas are.

Kandinsky had a habit of attending musical performances, capturing his impressions of the music as he heard the shapes, volumes and color in the pieces. This painting represents the interplay of form, color and line in an intellectual interpretation of music.

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Posted by on September 15, 2014 in 301 Studio


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