21 Aug

The first article we were assigned about light was beautiful.  I really enjoyed thinking about light in our lives and how much of a difference light creates in our spaces.  Not just the task lighting or even the sunny, hot day glaring at me in the air conditioned studio but the soft hum in the morning when it looks like 6 am or 6 pm…Recalling experiences with light is a great way to remember how big a factor light is in architecture and design as a whole.  I know I take light for granted but when you focus and take a moment to consider the mood light can create, the stunning sunset, the candle flame or reflection of water on a pool wall, it matters how we design and consider light.

 Le Corbusier’s strangely shaped church on the hill was such a thoughtful experience as we imagined ourselves there with the light streaming in the openings…at different times, with different light intensities.  Amazing.  I am now going to have a self directed study of Le Corbusier.  Imagine what he would say about light and design…

 Le Corbusier

As his biographer Nicholas Fox Weber remarked “Compassionate, arrogant, generous, selfish, Calvinist, hedonistic, proud, enraged, ecstatic, sad, Le Corbusier the man was as provocative, and unique, as the buildings with which he changed the visible world.”2 Most of what we know of the revealed self of Le Corbusier is from his letters to his mother Marie Charlotte Amélie Jeanneret-Perret lived to the age of one hundred. As Fox tells us these letters unfold the man: “The intimacy with which Le Corbusier wrote to her about his taste in women is extraordinary. The intensity of his program to change the world, the leaps and plunges of his spirit, the rapidity of his mood swings, and the relentlessness of his emotional needs and professional ambition: all these emerge unmasked.” 



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