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NEXT Design Competition

Presentations need to be broader to include a lot of the varied aspects about Norfolk, VA that we discovered in our research.

Synthesizing the coastal, military-based, mild location on tMontageNorfolkVAUSA (1)he east coast of the United States includes a historical perspective and a modern aesthetic which encourages growth.    The culture of Norfolk is quaint and very supportive of the arts in the community and educationally.  

Our task was to define the location for the other groups in the studio class as they are researching issues specific to Norfolk and to the design competition.  The importance of the location impacts a lot of design choices from the materials to the position of the building in relation to the neighboring university and the airport.  Our site is impacted by many factors and the persons we are designing the space for are going to experience our space in a dynamic way that is customized to the unique style and flavor of Norfolk.220px-Wisconsin_museum (1)

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Prism and Fiber Optics

prism fiber optics

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light2 light3

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Our natural circadian rhythms are barely allowed to keep our bodies in balance with rest and wake cycles being altered to fit our overcharged lives.  One of the things I do enjoy is allowing myself to wake up with the light.  Somehow at nearly the same time every morning, no matter how late I stayed up the night before, and without an alarm clock I just know it is time to get up.  For years I was very in tune with my wake sleep cycle and enjoyed the ease and quiet time of the very early morning before anyone else was awake.  I am acutely aware in the very early morning but I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I like to think and have my coffee and draw.  Sometimes I write…but then the schedule kicks in and shuts down that delicate time.  I cannot even hear that level of quiet any other time of the day, so I feel like the light and the quiet do contribute to creating a zone of self awareness and calm.  Mysterious.

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LIGHT is everything



Images from the web which I found interesting and inspiring.  Intense color is fascinating.  After reading Josef Albers book on color theory, I am always reminded that even though we think red is red, or blue is blue, we all are actually seeing our very own custom version of red or blue and it is different for every person.  I love that. 03-light-displays-brussels_41286_600x450


IBM-solar-concentrator-01.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart Wedding Reception Lights UK  I would love to see the guests faces with this intense color in the room.  Imagine the bride!  What color would her gown be?  The Phillipe Starck (ish) chairs only heighten the color overload.  Wow!                                             


The light cast onto the wall when led light is bounded off of gel balls in glass in water.  Mesmerizing.  From a first year studio Luminere project.  

Light Effect of gel balls in acrylic tubingf

Light Effect of gel balls in acrylic tubing

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Pool Light


Approaching a pool at dusk or evening with the pool lights on always creates a sense of calm like nothing else.  Knowing the sun won’t be out to burn me or make me hot creates a different experience.  The water even seems different in the evening as you go for a swim.  Softer, quieter and soothing.  The organic shape of the pool also leads your eye to the waterfall and feels like a sanctuary.  


Light Sketch Series Inspiration


Interior light can be a major component in the mood created and the functionality of the space through geometry.  Playing on the negative spaces, allowing light to filter through the doors and even through the furniture creates a purposeful unity and heightens our awareness of the forms within the space.


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