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History and Theory of Design One : Semester Wrap

EW Godwin desk This semester has been a whirlwind of design starting with the earliest neolithic caves up to the crisp designs we have studied in recent weeks. Personally, I really enjoyed the film about Charles and Ray Eames, the great Medici movie and our visiting professor Jo Leimenstoll discussing Thomas Day. I never knew much about who Thomas Day actually was when I would hear his name mentioned, so that is definitely a bonus. Gaudi is another name I have never heard of! He is amazing and his designs are other-worldly to me. Seeing the history of the home and its beginnings through the readings in the ‘If Walls Could Talk’ text was fascinating and funny in the way the author approached the material. It really makes you think of how things develop and what we may look back on and realize that it will more than likely be outmoded, maybe sooner than we think!
Overall the class was very enjoyable and I had the chance to go back and see things I have studied before in another light and this adds to my details of the day. I am sure I will look back on the things I learned in this course for many years to come. Mackintosh_Charles_Rennie-The_Hill_House_-_interior_hall-c.1903-mbaroque gardenprimavera_200px

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