Monticello & Fallingwater

13 Apr

fallingwater abstract

Fallingwater abstract 1

Monticello aerial

Monticello Gardens

Although I did not travel with our class to visit Monticello and Fallingwater I imagine that it was a wonderful excursion.
Years ago I toured Monticello with my family and I loved Jefferson’s constant experimentation, whether it was in gardening or architecture or his many other hobbies. The sense of classical architectural forms is eclectic yet shows the latest technology of the period and is really a treasury of invention and imagination.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the Kaufman home, Fallingwater, is a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright in my opinion as one of his most striking thoughts about nature and how we fit into living with nature. He literally put a home on top of a waterfall and carefully shows the limits and beauty of living with the flowing water. His appreciation and gratitude for the natural forms and their influence on his work is obvious. Seeking perfection in architectural form would be his life’s work.

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