Color Week

22 Mar

Color seems like a small word to describe all that color is and does in our world. Often taken for granted, the very idea of what is happening when color is seen is worthy of study. Interestingly enough, we all see each color in a unique way. It is never really the same interpretation from one person to the next. Ask someone to describe a color and you will see what I mean. Our eyes literally do not see the same color from person to person. IMAG0119

The relativity of color is so interesting as well. To see yellow with white and then to compare yellow against red or blue is quite different. Whatever you surround the other color with you will get an interesting morphing of the originals and until they are pure again by removing the other color. Seeming transparency and vibration occurs when you bring complimentary colors together. IMAG0118 As noted in Josef Albers book Interaction of Color, a study of contrasts and compliments is very educational. IN the forward of the book Albers states “It brings infininte personal pleasure while perpetually expanding the way that colors are used and perceived in art, architecture, textiles, interior design, and graphic media at every level of technology.”

Our studio work was first to get us to see the complimentary colors and their mix. Light and shade and their middle mix.
Next we explored how to achieve a middle mix using three colors. We continued learning to take four colors and add a lighter mix to create mixes. Finally we created a diamond shaped color comparison with three way mixes creating a lighter half and a darker half.
We are now reading Christopher Alexander’s Nature of Order regarding color and how it compares to our previous readings regarding the 15 properties of design. The “Inner Light” created in the unfolding process or color quality which arises as something comes to life, approaches and reveals the “I”. The “I” is a sub-stratum which Alexander says forms a matrix for all matter united. A conduit for interaction with us. The “I” can be seen as a certain kind of color. This is the phenomenon of “Inner Light”. When color is whole we experience the color as a single field of color, pure and unbroken UNITY.<a

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