Weekly Wrap: 2-22-13

23 Feb

Illustrating the 15 Properties on 5×5 pieces of paper and composing a presentation board that looks nice was good for me. I tried making the illustrations of the properties using weak colors and literal images which after a while I found frustrating. To bring all the different literal images together as a cohesive composition was not working, even with the similarity in color. With guidance and clarification I was shown by Stoel how to find something that I did want to work with from the 15 cards that I had made. The one card that I made using an elliptical template was one of three that I kept. Finally seeing that I could express the ideas of the properties through the common shape of the ellipsis was a huge breakthrough for me. It seemed so much simpler. I will remember that in future projects. It makes everything so much simpler. Then the hint of the color binding the ideas together easily makes the jump to a composition. Arrangement on the board was rushed and at the last minute I put the legend on the front, which I should not have done and it made the board not the best. A cut of the board and a more conscious arrangement of the 15 would make it much better. Too much space between and left over made the pieces seem disconnected. So, lessons learned. Photos to be added here.

Regarding our drafting I am also learning to see my mistakes and how to make the drawing look neater and consistent in letter size,
spacing, line weight hierarchy, poche’. Our vellum drawings will be due on Tuesday. I may do this again and look for more mistakes. I am sure they are there…

We are moving into 3-D models of the 15 properties. Totally unprepared I presented a model that illustrated I was unprepared. Sorry! I am making a model this weekend of an elliptical model that I will do gesture drawings with shadows. We are very busy!

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