Weekly Wrap: February 8th

08 Feb

This week we looked at Christopher Alexander’s book The Nature of Order and learned of his fifteen principles that make something have life.  It seems a bit thick at first, but after you get into his way of thinking it loosens up my brain enough to wrap around his somewhat abstract ideas.  Personally, I think he is great.  Obtuse but great. He is correct in my opinion of our diminished life in the things we are surrounded by in modern architecture and living itself.  We are disconnected from our own being in ways that are possibly irreversible.  Remembering that we are creatures that need to be connected to our environments is a first step.  We are making 5×5 images illustrating the principles that Alexander mentions.  Our drawings of the principle of levels of scale were interesting and it seems that we are understanding, although as always I complicate things and drew a fish with scales and levels of scales of scales…get my point?  I see levels of scale everywhere and maybe this was my attempt at humor.  So what else are we doing?  Oh, we are learning how to accurately draw a box that is unfolded and detail correctly the dimensions, lettering and features of this box.  It is more complicated than you would think!  Tommy says that box designers make loads of money.  Something to keep in mind.  We heard from two 4th year students about their experiences in IARc and what their future pursuits may look like.  Very nice job!  Today Sunnny (not her real name) from China told us about her experiences with product design and all about something I now have to go crazy with…biomimicry and biophilic design.  Sounds like things I would love to be involved in.  Also, I decided to move on design wise by taking down my shoji screens and take home a lot of the distractions on my desk.  Maybe it will help me simplify.  Vellum drawings are due on Tuesday!  Hope it is better than the last one I submitted.

Stoel Burrowes also shared his life with us by showing us his work, travels, pain and inspirations.  We are very lucky to have such an influence in our lives.  Remember:  When you go looking for a job, take your lunch!  Get ready to work!

Learning to draw and communicate ideas accurately and quickly on paper will be a big challenge for this semester.  I can do this…


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