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Animal Instinct: Masks of Many Cultures

We are currently working on developing ideas for our mask production which will now be due on Friday. After looking into the cultural traditions of the Cherokee tribe I have settled on a story from the Bird Tribe (one of the seven of the Cherokee Tribe) in which a Yellow Mockingbird is used to feed the children to encourage quick learning. Actually, the heart is fed to the children. In developing the choice in the mask I made an model of a wolf mask and explored the many stories about the wolf in cultural tradition and worked out a mask made of paper, aluminum mesh, velvet, fur and buttons. After struggling to find a path forward for the wolf mask, I made a decision to abandon further development and move forward with my original Yellow Mockingbird Story Mask. In today’s class we discussed and viewed many beautiful masks. It will be great to see the final versions on Friday.

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Posted by on January 28, 2013 in Class Notes 102 and 112