Luminaire Critique

09 Dec

Working on our final project for the fall semester was a lesson in many things for me.  Trying to get a handle on which direction to take my project was a challenge, but it ultimately came down to taking away until there was nothing left to take away.  The variety in our projects was great to see as the critiques were held over two days.  The ideas presented were so interesting and I took lots of notes.  A few of the projects were inspiring to me.  Alex’s black paper starry projection makes me want to make a ceiling project.  Love the construction on her project.  Matt’s Fall Shadows also I found to be inspirational and the texture of the pieces and the layering I found I wanted to manipulate and arrange in many ways.  The warm glow with the colored gels he made was beautiful.  Anna’s chipboard pendant lamp with the LED bulb made such an interesting pattern on the table and floor that I want to try and duplicate this approach.  A few of the projects needed to hide their light source a little better to tighten their effect, but overall I feel everyone tried their best on this and were happy with their efforts.  I have many favorites, but one that stands out for this project is Christian’s black sun-block luminaire.  It was very nice on the wall as a sconce as well as a tabletop and on the floor.  It could be taller, smaller or anything in between.  It is a great design.  Very versatile.  It would be fun to see in other colors and materials too.

My final luminaire, which I called Deluge was nice I thought.  It was simple and somewhat soothing to me.  The magnet may need to be a bit stronger for my use as sliding was a little bit problematic in showing my effect, but it was visible.  I would like to redesign it with the wood at an angle on the sides to widen the field for the light effect.  Overall, I am pleased that I could simplify the idea to the point I did and feel it was correctly made and thought through.  I am a student and I will continue to figure out how to make things better and faster as my skills grow.  

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