09 Nov

Fascinated with the gel spheres and all the options to showcase their effects has made me dizzy with ideas. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Kind of both to be honest. Watching everyone work on their projects has given me tons of ideas and I want to build so many models, but having the time, energy and money to do so is impossible. Trying to focus on one idea has been very difficult for me and has hurt my planning quite a bit. It would be great to be three people, but I am only one. One with a deadline ticking closer… My model that I presented Friday was a grand effort since I left the woodshop at 8pm and had to still construct my model that was not firm. I wrestled with ideas and materials and failure until midnight. I did leave having a model and it was a great learning tool, but now I am ready to construct the final model. It is large and it will rotate in two directions. A wooden frame will hold the acrylic frame which will contain the gel balls suspended in a liquid. There will be obstacles added to make the flow of the balls more purposefully random and allow them to channel through holes in the obstacles, flooding the lower portion of the well-sealed acrylic, slowly while lit by LED lights embedded on the sides of the frame. Two models are developed on paper with one circular and one a large rectangle. I must decide and get ready to construct this weekend.

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