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Dumb Funny~ Jeffrey Dallas

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Weekly Wrap: November 15th, 2012

Yeah 🙂 Perspective Drawing! Finally I can make a drawing where something sits on the line that it should…
Learning to draw the picture plane and drawing things to scale is empowering. My first perspective drawing was of a store that I would like to open in the future that would serve the autistic community offering clothing and accessories for children and adults on the autism spectrum. The store would be called Cocoon and this week I spoke about my idea as a finalist in the Two Minutes to Win It contest. Lots of positive feedback! I would like to design gel shoes and gel chairs and a line of clothing including weighted vests, jackets and pressure harness chairs. Knowing a bit about autism by raising my daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome makes me positive that there is a need for more support for autistic family members.

The luminaire project has turned the corner after going far and wide with ideas. I feel that this project is done except for the construction of the final pieces. The wood is cut the drawings are done. Settling on one idea that feels complete was a big issue for me and I followed all of the possibilities to some dead ends and some revelations. I suppose that is what we do. If I had enough money, time and materials I could have built many of them but that is not what I have… A simple design almost where I started is where I am now and I have peace about it. Monday and Tuesday I will complete the final and have a great Thanksgiving break.

Piedmont Plastics is a great resource for acrylic and I am thankful for their help with my project although I did not use the acrylic after all in this project. I will surely use it with upcoming project. Learning about new materials and my new favorite wood (Poplar)
and about LED lighting and even disco balls has made this project a wealth of information.

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Luminaire Preliminary Critique

Alex’s Starry Night

Alex's Starry Night

Matt’s Spheres

Light Effect of gel balls in acrylic tubingf

Gel beads in water


Wednesday and today we presented our models for our Luminaire projects as they are so far developed. I am totally inspired by the pieces and processes I have learned about. All so different, but all so cool! Some need a bit more work, but they are prototypes. One that I felt would benefit from a bit more development is Aaron’s light and dark expression. The form is very interesting and contrasting and at first glance I was not sure where he was going with the idea, but do feel that he is on the right path after hearing the comments and suggestions of the class. I can’t wait to see what he does with his project.

Alex’s starry experience I am just wanting to make now. I really love it and see such potential for a lot of ideas to come together. A wall sconce, a larger hanging structure that would float like a cloud hung from the ceiling. That is what I want to do! It looks like a ton of work, but well worth it.

Leslie’s what I think looks like a morning glory flower in fabric is so soft and delicate with the colored paper reflecting through it. Again, I want to make one this weekend…

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Fascinated with the gel spheres and all the options to showcase their effects has made me dizzy with ideas. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Kind of both to be honest. Watching everyone work on their projects has given me tons of ideas and I want to build so many models, but having the time, energy and money to do so is impossible. Trying to focus on one idea has been very difficult for me and has hurt my planning quite a bit. It would be great to be three people, but I am only one. One with a deadline ticking closer… My model that I presented Friday was a grand effort since I left the woodshop at 8pm and had to still construct my model that was not firm. I wrestled with ideas and materials and failure until midnight. I did leave having a model and it was a great learning tool, but now I am ready to construct the final model. It is large and it will rotate in two directions. A wooden frame will hold the acrylic frame which will contain the gel balls suspended in a liquid. There will be obstacles added to make the flow of the balls more purposefully random and allow them to channel through holes in the obstacles, flooding the lower portion of the well-sealed acrylic, slowly while lit by LED lights embedded on the sides of the frame. Two models are developed on paper with one circular and one a large rectangle. I must decide and get ready to construct this weekend.

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