Critique: Two x Four Project

24 Oct

Last Friday and this Monday we wrapped up the critiques of our two x four projects. The way we chose the projects with similar qualities was fun and made us think about looking at pieces and sorting them into categories. Some were similar and some were very different from the groupings. Our discussion of the projects was illuminating as we discussed our inspiration as well as what we would do differently. Wood shop tales and lots of learning was obvious as we were all pretty fresh to working in the wood shop and how to turn something so rough and utilitarian into something lovely and thoughtful. A challenge for sure! I found it so interesting to hear everyone discussing their work. We were a bit more brave this time and told one another what we thought made the piece work and how to improve the final work and craft. Staining amplifies mistakes. Scale was discussed and we noted the system of scale in the pieces and I love it when the pieces were turned to a different orientation to show another view. It can make such a difference in the interaction of the piece with the surface it sits on.

The piece that Kiah made was simple and complex at the same time. Keeping a simple yet strong design is my next goal. That inspired me… Choosing the correct piece of wood and making a beautiful creation was evident in Matt’s and Elliot’s well crafted pieces. I would like to see the oblisque worked a bit further to enhance the effect of looking up and seeing the massive nature of her work.

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