Boundary Project Critique

30 Sep

It was a crunch at the end for time and I will definitely plan my next build out more in the beginning and not totally switch gears and redesign close to the end. Consulting my professors and sharing my ideas early on would have allowed me to get it all together more smoothly. Using the wood-shop was wonderful! Our designs were critiqued by the Second Year Design students on Friday. We were each visited by students and professors and asked about our designs and our inspiration and process. It was great to hear their suggestions and to see that they liked my ideas with this project. I see where it can be improved and will continue to work on it a bit at a time. My space-mates made very nice designs that tied our area together.

The designs that I found inspirational were multiple. The pinwheels, the fishscales, the open diamonds, the weaving…I will use these at some time I am sure. My favorites were the carefully made boxes that Morgan made, Matt & Dustin’s Triangular Light Panel, and the lovely weaving of Drea. I really liked a lot of elements of a few of the designs, but a few left me wanting to see more expansion of the idea. Some show best at night as they are light based. All things to consider when we use the space, at least for classwork and lecture. This was a challenge for everyone and I believe we all tried our best to show what we can consider the limitations of a build but still show our creativity.

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