Boundary Update

26 Sep

First day in the wood shop was interesting. After the scary talk about losing a finger or two I actually had the band saw blade break! Mostly noise, but it scared me enough to fall on my butt. All is well that ends well! Follow the rules in the wood shop and no problems… Matt is great and so helpful. Love all the tools in there too! My build is coming together much more successfully with access to the woodshop. Thanks!

I have tried a few models of how I am going to hang my panels and I have settled on the best combination. My mind could still be changed, but this is probably going to be the one that sticks. It pulls together all the pieces and looks like it belongs the way it is coming together. The calming, elegant Japanese influence will hopefully bring my mind back to order over the course of the year and help me to think of how to bring my ideas to life. Today I cut out bases for the structures and learned a lot about how to look at and trust that I either like my design or not.

The studio was humming this evening with lots of us figuring out this project. I tried wood filler today on my oops areas, and will sand tomorrow. Can you believe I need to go to Lowe’s AGAIN? Can you ever have enough dowels? I should buy ten and just store them. It could save me gas!

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