Boundary Deadline: Process Checklist

24 Sep

During our meeting in West Studio this morning it occurred to me that I should do something different with my panels of plywood paper and decided to cut them into 3×5 rectangles to suspend from a skewer. I am wrestling with how to put the thoughts I see into structural reality. Time is ticking by and this is due by Friday. I need to get through orientation to use the wood shop at UNCG and that will happen tomorrow. At home I have used our band-saw and drill producing at least a rough idea of the pieces I am attempting. So, what I can do today is dry my paper I made this weekend and decide how to place this into my design and to do all of the folding of the translucent paper. I am going to use fishing line to suspend the newspaper panels and the translucent paper panels. Also need to pick up more dowels at Lowe’s.
Probably will have re-cut my brackets so that they actually have straight lines. I made my bases stand up, but are they pretty, no. Glue and shims… I still love the idea of the Shoji screens, even if the paper I am using is not completely legal for the build. It is crucial to the overall boundary/light/not blocking out my people/effect. So, I have some work to do and still have to figure out how to brace for the shelving, though it will be very light. Maybe my paper or some panels of Mod Podge with newspaper and trash paper. Woven? Maybe just trash paper woven? I like that. Newspaper is just so dark. It does make nice panels in a pinch.

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