Weekly Wrap Five : Boundaries

21 Sep


Up to this point in our discussions we have considered the purpose of space and the distances that we interact within each day. Our project is to create a boundary for our desks that is private, but also unified with the other members of our group seating arrangement. After discussing how to design our space and pin down our own ideas we are now in construction mode.
After looking into Japanese style Shoji screens I felt drawn to this idea and wanted to develop a way to build my boundary if needed and remove it as necessary. Still remaining in full contact with my space-mates is very important to me and I enjoy the view and the light from where I sit. We are to work mainly with bamboo skewers and newspaper to fashion this creation. I decided to use the plywood model and layer sheets of newspaper with Mod-Podge to create walls. I hope to figure out how to cut out panels from the newspaper walls and install my trash windows and put this into the frame I made from dowels, framing panels and skewers. I may cut the windows and then slide the paper inside,secured by the skewers. The panels will be movable and will allow me privacy when needed and a quick take away if needed to work. Moving the screens out to the sides of the desk is also a good option. I wanted to make my own paper out of shredded photos from the paper and some comics, but not sure if that will be done by next Friday. Maybe…

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