Weekly Wrap

13 Sep

This week we have been assigned to work in groups and develop a plan for a poster about a material used in design.  Our group has plywood.  I didn’t know much about it apparently since I thought it was actually OSB.  Christian, Alex and I have worked well together and the responsibilities have been delegated and handled responsibly.  We were also introduced to the IARC Media Library, which is a gold-mine of material and style resources.  I am sure I will be there a lot.

Who knew there are so many kinds of plywood?  From hardwoods to exotics, you can find a huge variety and price point.  Plywood made from Sorghum remains…yes, and it is lovely.  Bamboo….yes and it is strong and absorbs noise.  Learning about the process and possibilities of plywood has made me curious about all kinds of other materials and I am sure I have just scratched the surface on plywood uses and varieties.

Lettering in an architectural style is new this week.  Tedious to get the lines down, but who wants a crooked line?  It looks very professional to add your name or other info to a drawing using architectural lettering. Much more practice needed. Studying Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lettering Styles. Unusual and beautiful. The marketing of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas is enormous! Pens and ties, earrings and stained glass.

All CAPS.  We are starting a series of value scales using techniques that I need to practice a lot with to get close to better.  I will have more time now that my schedule has been freed up a bit.  Redoing a few of the past weeks work will surely improve my portfolio, so I plan to redraw the final six Curry drawings and also redraw the technique pages from Ching.

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