This Week

08 Sep

UNCSA in Winston-Salem

Learning to find a direction for a process was brought into being while working on my Stick Project. Stephanie helped me to refine what I was trying to say through placement of components and helped me see how to direct the eye through the piece. Everything speaks! Pruning and pruning some more made the important branches stand out and the idea firm up. Kayla advised me to consider the crafting of the pieces and to secure them from falling off, except the one branch that is purposefully down. Adding the shadows onto the paper under the structure was fun and a nice addition thanks to Brian, a graduate student. I learned a lot with this.

Attempting to draw Curry Building was a challenge to me in concentration and getting my hand to draw what I see instead of what it wanted to. Perspective drawing books offered some advice on planes and point of view that need to stay firm or the entire focus shifts and you get lost. I will draw this again after a study with photos from different perspectives. I have the drawing narrowed to two views currently. I loved the space and will go there often.

Negative space drawings this week were my favorite and I thought successful. The eyeglass case was a lesson in knowing when to stop drawing. It was a messy, overdrawn uh-oh. I left it as is to remember to not do that again. It was okay 20 steps before, but I kept adding and adding to a jumble as a result. I always told the kids, if you are not making mistakes, you are not learning. Yep!

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