Stick Project Final

31 Aug

Stick Project Final

Pruning the branches and wrapping the twigs much more heavily with thread helps them to stand out. Moving the leaves to the right helps direct your eye to the fall colors and begin to move around the piece concluding at the spring green branch balanced between a v in the branch.  The thought behind the structure allows the life cycle of the tree and it’s seasonal colors and cycle of renewal, fullness, fading, falling and dormancy.  Rebirth in the spring with the delicate greens and the cycle begins again.  We were assigned to choose twelve sticks and design a free standing structure with meaning to be discussed next Friday in class.  We are allowed to use thread or twine in our structures.  The fragile Dogwood branches would crumble as I wrapped them in old thread that I found at an estate sale.  I used grays, browns, greens and bright green.  One branch is not hanging in the tree and is on the ground, but still wrapped in gray thread.  I am adding another element to the paper on which this structure sits.  I will add shadow detail onto the paper that will be seen once you lift the structure from the paper.  While it is on the paper the shadows look natural in studio light.

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