Sticks Project

29 Aug

Pen drawing of delicate branch details takes a lot of time and attention to many features which give the branches and twigs their unique qualities. Our patio at home has a Dogwood tree growing in the center of a concrete patio with a tiny oasis of earth to live in. I have watered that tree religiously as it is the only source of shade in the patio and I could not be outside for long in the summer without that tree. Our children grew up playing under its canopy and have taken their photos on summer holidays and parties in front of that tree. I don’t actually know how it manages to live at all. It is completely hollow. We have film of squirrels chasing each other in and out of the hollow areas and it was hilarious. Anyway…I always get lost…the project we were assigned was to take 12 sticks and draw them with ink on Bristol board and list their qualities. Also we had to come up with a design that would show something. We had to figure it out.

I saw what I wanted to do and found the branches early this morning after the rain last night. I have two major branches and then one smaller with a few early fall leaves and the rest are all tiny twigs from the larger branches that were wrapped in fine thread in varying colors to indicate the colors seen in the tree throughout the year. Spring color with the pale greens and gold blend into strong summer greens then fading to the orange-red of autumn and the darker browns. Finally the grays are seen and at the end the last wrapped piece is again pale and perfect green. The cycle of renewal, change and dormancy are what I wanted to show in this piece. The three major pieces are held together with hemp cord. One half of the smaller wrapped pieces are held on the larger pieces by a small loop of hemp cord and the other half of the small color wrapped pieces are held by pieces of thread in which they are wrapped.

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Posted by on August 29, 2012 in Projects


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