Critique: Place for a leaf

28 Aug

The group critique of our work for Place for a leaf was fascinating.  I have never participated in anything like it.  The format of presentation of your work as well as the first responders (peers presenting next) made everyone reach to describe ideas they did not come up with and express what they liked and did not like about the design.  The group as a whole made so many completely different ideas and described them thoughtfully.  Some needed more work on presentation of their ideas and with projection of their voices.  Don’t we all!  There were a few that were similar in my opinion with the design mimicking the leaf with the geometric points and they reminded me more of origami in nature.  The pieces that stand out to me were Elliott’s mirror image piece with the Magnolia leaf, the inverted V-design holding one slim green leaf and the spoked piece with the five boxes in purple, white and brown.  I would like to attempt the inverted V just because it is cool and I like the design for a lamp or lighting fixture that would hang from the ceiling.  The mirror leaf was very smart and a great use of materials and best of all it was simple.  The boxes on the spokes I would like to see explored further and developed into it a further study.  I enjoyed this very much.

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Posted by on August 28, 2012 in Class Notes 101, Critiques


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