Process for Leaf Stage 2

25 Aug

Cocooning and trying to get the effect I was after while working with tracing paper was more difficult than I anticipated and the idea changed to a central area placed upon a piece of tracing paper gathered and pressed around the edges creating a clear area in the center.

Layering larger and smaller panels, which did in effect cocoon the leaf, partial wrapper and bits of napkin with a leaf design cut from the metallic paper yet the thought of how to stack, connect or present the collection of panels was not so easy at first.  Twisting of strips of tracing paper ultimately won out and worked to connect areas and wrapped the sides of the panels, leaving the center area with the leaf visible when held to the light.  This is finished but I am not finished thinking there must be a better way to accomplish this.  I now turn to the fig leaf for inspiration.

Finding the fig leaf at my parent’s home put me into a different state of mind and thinking of how to use the fig leaf in a way that represented their relationship vs. the modern relationships that come and go faster than you can text the breakup message.  It made me think of letters and how in their era everyone wrote letters all of the time and sent loads of postcards.  They still have them.  So, I thought of my early school days and how it was common to write notes to your girlfriend or boyfriends and fold them in a certain way that ensured they would not just fall open on the floor revealing all the details.  It took me a minute or two, but folding the paper in this way came right back.

I took the fig leaf and placed it between layers of tracing paper and encased the fig leaf in a book-like idea with folded sheets sliding one inside the other with many layers.  This was then folded into the traditional school type note finally folded and secured by one triangle.

I like this one.  This is my place for a leaf.

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