25 Aug

Which one?  So many leaves are all wanting to audition for the central role for my first thought out attempt in creating a place for a leaf.  Growing up in the woods, running and jumping over roots and tripping, landing softly in a slippery, swooshing cushion of leaves, I do consider this a very special selection as to which leaf to choose.  Memories flood all around the idea of leaves in my life.  Schoolyards, and forests, creeks and garages full of treasure.   They brace my impact and now I have to consider a place for a leaf.

Thinking of a cocoon made of layers seems a natural fit as they drop and layer day by day until the last one is down.  An image immediately appears in my mind’s eye that is nestled and protected like Thumbalina in her walnut shell.  Safe and undisturbed, never to be crushed or degraded.  Protected and honored, wrapped in layers of tracing paper and revealed when held to the light.

In class I drew out a bit of the idea and it evolved more as I thought of the edge of the leaf and how it would be reflected in the layers of the paper surrounding the leaf and how I would fold and fasten or hold the design together.  How it will be rounded and layered and which to hide and which element to reveal.  Kayla reviewed my basic drawing today in class and gave me the thought to now consider not cutting out an area of the side to reveal the leaf, but to think of using the tracing paper as the revealing element with the leaf showing as the object is held to the window.  I found a piece of paper I like that is tissue paper but with a pattern that I like and may incorporate this in the design tomorrow.

The leaves collected today include:  Fig, Rose, Unknown origin, but with thorns, Purple Basil, Hydrangea and Gardenia.

Personally, I feel that I tend to cocoon and layer, protecting my private thorny unknown bits and revealing as the light approaches.

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